About Us

About Us

Magellan is committed.

At Magellan we are committed to providing every owner (client) with a remarkable building experience. Our dedication to client satisfaction is the top priority for every project. The phrases “on time” and “under budget” go without being said. Quality, safety and customer satisfaction are among the keys to our success.

The Magellan Mission

Our mission is to build the projects of our customers’ highest aspirations while providing them with unparalleled excellence, quality and safety on each and every project. We will accomplish this mission by listening carefully to the needs and desires of our clientele and working diligently to execute upon their wishes.

Building Lasting Partnerships

Our attention to detail as well as unwavering commitment to our owners makes a partnership with Magellan Construction a lasting one. Our goal is to ensure that every owner walks away from each project with a feeling of complete satisfaction and a desire to utilize our services in future projects.